Hello everybody!

I am commonly asked the same questions by many of my readers and I have decided to share my answers here for everyone. I hope this will help most of you out there and if not just log a question here and I will try to answer it as best as I can. wink

Q. How can I get my music heard or sign a record deal?

A. I have a list of record company websites listed under my Record Labels link. There you will find contacting information for various companies. Call them and ask them if you can indeed submit your music for review. (Tell them I sent you smile ) Another way to have your music heard is to get in touch with various conference sponsors and ask them if they are looking for people to perform at their events. I normally list upcoming events in my "What's Happening" article. Many of them offer new artist showcases and for a small fee you can often perform for industry insiders in the hopes of being discoverd. The more your music is out in front of the public the better chances you have getting a deal.

Q. Do you review independent artist music?

A. Yes I review independent artist music and if I think it's something my readers would like to know about I will feature it here at my website. I only accept CDs for review with three or more tracks. If you send me something that has less I may respond to your work but it will not run here at Bellaonline because in all fairness I really can't determine the quality of your work from one or two songs.

Q. What is your address to mail out work?

A. I only give out my address on a case by case bases. I only accept music at certain times and because of this I release my mailing address only when I know I have the time to review the work. I received over 90-100 CDs per month so it really takes me a while to review them all. Check with me through my e-mail and see if this is a time I'm accepting music or not for my address.

Q How can I enter various contests?

A. I write about several contests and sometimes the date for entry has passed. Please always check the dates in the article to make sure that you can still enter the contest and instructions on how to enter should be listed within the article.

That's all for now...if you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me.



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