Aside from the fact that they sport inanely catchy usages of their name (Inspi(red),Get Registe(red))that instinctually have me delivering my own sarcastic epithets (Bo(red), Lu(red)) AND they are corporate culture at it's most weening, their manifesto is worthy enough: Eradicating AIDS in Africa.

It may just take the flash and glitz of capitalistic lure to get people involved in this ADHD day and age. And as I sometimes am an end girl, I'll forego my own opinion of the means. If it works? I'm there.

And work, it seems too. Over 1.25 million dollars so far have directly streamed into Rwanda to support it's comprehensive HIV/AIDS programs. And during the week of September 2006, 4 million dollars went to Swaziland to feed the orphans there.

T-shirts, cellphones and other (red) products designed to show you care. I figure why not buy in a way that makes you also look socially conscious, particularly when it's for a very worthy cause?

Color me scarlet. Or anything that will see AIDS cu(red).


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