I did many of the Attachment Parenting actions such as baby wearing, responding immediately to cries etc. However I didn't start hearing the actual term "Attachment Parenting" until I'd say within the last two or three years. My children are now 8 and 10.

To raise my children I read lots of different baby books that suggested attachment parenting ideals ie not letting the baby "cry it out" etc, but the books didn't attach a definition other than The Best Thing For The Baby...including breast feeding etc.

Also I just did what made sense and I've heard that is also part of the defition of Attachment Parenting. That it's intuitive. When my babies cried, my first impulse was to pick them up and comfort them. So that is what I did. They didn't cry when I held them, so I held them all of the time.

People did say that I would spoil them, but that didn't happen, quite the contrary. And to be honest after awhile I sort of tuned out what others were saying and continued to rely on expert child rearing techniques found in good parenting books and my intuition.

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