Curiosity and personal interest makes me ask this question. In small schools it is sometimes a problem finding someone to keep stats. In that respect, I think the accuracy of it becomes questionable. Some schools just keep record of field goals made, and free throws made and attempted, fouls, team turnovers. the basics from the routine plain jane record book and some keep full stats with asists, turnovers (individual), etc. It takes a lot of concentration and although I hate to say this, an unbiased mind to keep proper stats. I keep stats on my girls but if there is a conflict in my stats and the official ones, they will go with the official ones. As it should be, however, has anyone come across a record book being marked incorrectly just to make one player look better than the other? What happens when the person keeping the records is a good friend or relative to one of the players? There would be no way to prove it had been done incorrectly or tampered with unless someone had taped all the games. I do realize that it is highly unusual and unethical but I also wonder how often it really may be happening?
What do you think?

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