Are you managing ok with keeping up with the Christmas Chaos? If you still need a little help, here�s an idea:

As you're cooking over the next two weeks double up on your recipes and freeze half. Then after Christmas - and on those days when life is really stressful, you wil have quick meals you can prepare without fuss by simply adding a salad and/or some vegetables. In fact if you make a habit of this you will always have something in your freezer for those "Oh my goodness it's almost dinner time and I have NO idea what to make" days.

Do you need help with meal-planning and great cooking ideas?

As someone who's severely "cooking challenged" I have had a lot of help and great ideas from other moms. Here are some VERY helpful sites:

Just Tell Me What To Cook

Dine Without Whine

Kid Approved Meals

and finally

Healthy Menu Mailer

And that's all for today, folks!

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