I couldn't find a place to post about pets, so I thought I would here because in a way it has to do with nutrition and health so here we go...

We had a cat (actually my roommates cat) he was 2 years old. The other night I noticed he was walking kind of slowly. Then yesterday, he was sleeping on the couch and noticed that he hadn't gotten up in awhile so my husband went to go pet him and he let out a loud meow almost sad sounding. And he wouldn't move, so my husband picked him up and he was soaking wet underneath! The poor thing peed himself in his sleep! He hadn't eaten, or had anything to drink, he wouldn't purr when you pet him, and every once in awhile he'd let out a bit of a sigh or moan. He was fairly alert, he'd look around and his eyes looked as though he was aware of his surroundings, but he woudln't eat (which is odd for him!) Not interested in drinking water either. We put him in his litter box and he went, but after that he wouldn't move. Just sat on the couch. He looked really mopey and when he got up to walk a couple times, he was walking really slowly with his tail between his legs, but not limping. This was really scaring me because a couple years ago my husband had a cat, and the same thing happened and with in 48 hours she died.
I tried feeding him But he just wasn't interested. He's never really liked going outside and is mostly an indoor cat. He's usually very cuddly, purry, and playful, but lazy!! But his perssonality all went away, as if it got sucked out of him <img src="/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />
So we ended up taking him to the vet and the doc. said that he had a urinary blockage. And that it was so severe that without operation right away he would die. Unfortunately the surgery was going to cost minimum $1000 probably more. My roommate of course doesn't have that kind of money and neither do we so he decided it was best to have him put down The doc. even said that because of how bad it looked, even if he did get the problem fixed he may not have lived much longer.According to the doc. Our cats bladder was so full, because the crystals had built up sooooo much that this was a very severe case and he would need surgery RIGHT AWAY, or be put down. So, I have to say this was a horrible day, but at least he doesn't have to suffer anymore. Poor thing though, he was a wonderful cat. So beautiful, cuddly, playful and sweet. He was the most loving cat! Seriously, this cat never hissed once, never scratched anyone, always purred, always loved cuddling and being pet. Even if you were sad, he would know and come sit with you for awhile.

The doctor also told us that 10-20% of cats have problems eating store bought foods such as Friskies because the mineral content is so high compared to Iams or food from a vet. Vet food is more costly, but apparently much better for cats because it has the proper amount of vitamins and minerals and it's easier to breakdown. He said about 80% of cats are generally fine with store bought foods (ex:Friskies), but some cats just cant take in that much and what happens is exactly what our case was. Little crystal deposits build up in his bladder and makes it so it's hard for them to pass urine, or they end up going very frequently because they can't control it. And could be why some animals go in the house, because they can't hold it until they get outside. So he said that if your cat or dog is urinating in the house instead of outside or in the box, that it could be the start of a blockage and if caught early enough they can be saved, but most people just think the animal is misbehaving and going in the house. So, if your cat or dog is going in the house, it may be time for a check up. You never know. Eventually these crystal deposits build up so much that they block all the urine and their bladder swells, becomes painful, and if not treated they will die.

Those are just a couple things the doc. told us, and asked us to spread the word so animal owners can be aware of these things. I just thought I would share this with anyone who owns pets, just wasn't sure where to post.