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There will be a Holistic Fair in Normal, IL on 10/21/06 at the Days Inn.

We will be holding readings as well as lecture on Clairvoyance and other psychic abilities. These topics will cover gifts ranging from children to adults and addressing issues regarding, "Labled Children" those pegged as having ADD/ADHD and adults who live as "Closet Psychics."

"Closet Psychics" are those who have abilities, but choose to live privately with their affirmations which can show in the long run to hold a painful or secluding effectin life. Working with our gifts on the other hand allows us to remain productive, living in tune with our surroundings turning a life of avoidance into one filled with opportunities and connection.

We will offer unreleased books, articles and handmade gifts from nationwide vendors we have met up with along the way. Order forms will be available as well, as it was my fault, and I appologize..(smile) I contacted these fabulous individuals on a very short notice. They will send me what they have. It is greatly appreciated too!

If you are in need of directions or would like more information, please email:


or post in the forum.

I will be on-site that day 8:30 am to set up. We will run until 5:00 pm and as usual will stay around for anyone wishing for plain ol' good conversation.

See you there! <img src="/images/graemlins/beamedup.gif" alt="" />

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