My wife and I have a group of about 8 yellow finches that have been hanging out in our backyard for a couple years.

Yesterday, I went outside and one flew down and landed on my shoulder! I put him on my finger and set him up on the bird feeder. Several times I went outside throughout the day and this little guy followed me everywhere!

All seemed to be going OK. He was eating seed, drinking water and flying from tree to tree.

Then, just before the end of the day, he was just sitting around not doing anything. I walked up to him and he was having trouble keeping his balance and his little feet wouldn't support him.

Tough to watch, but I actually held him in my hands for about 30 minutes and watched him die. Talk about hard!!! Man, that was tough! <img src="/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

Anyone have any idea what might have happened to him? He didn't appear to have any disese. His eyes were clear and bright. But, as I said, as the day wore on, he just got less and less active.