That�s right folks�collecting assets not debt


This program just makes sense!

The owners name is Jerry O�Steen from Cedar Hill, Texas�Jerry is very well known in the gold industry and ran an offline gold company in the 90�s that grew into a 100 million dollar company with 300,000 members in 80 countries throughout the world.

He has now decided to do something very similar online.

Jerry has purchased more of these American Eagle Gold Coins from the US Mint than anyone else in the world, and has purchased so many gold Canadian Maple Leafs that they actually put his company logo on three of their coins.

All coins are guaranteed by the US Mint for weight, content, and purity.

We have something that every other network marketing company wants�a product whose value is exploding in the marketplace�no one else has that�no one else has a product that is going up in value every day�our product is an investment�and a darn good one at that

Our product�1/10 ounce mint fresh American Eagle Gold Coins

In 1975, a new Cadillac cost $8,000. You could also buy it for 230 ounces of gold. Today, 230 ounces in Gold Eagles will purchase 2 new $35,000 Cadillacs, and give you $3600 in change!

Gold holds its value�gold protects you from inflation...get Gold Eagles!

Now you can earn them instead of buy them


if you just want to buy gold you can do that to�in fact you can buy your gold coins on a payment plan�how cool is that!

And�silver is coming too!

The fact is�everyone who has any money at all should be investing in a precious metal�this is on all the news and finance information sources

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Public Gold Team Call Schedule
All Calls are at 402-756-9000, pincode 140914#
Opportunity Call - 20 minutes, followed by a Training Call on the half hour.
Two calls a day on Tuesday and Thursday
2pm & 8pm Eastern

Tom Broadbent