Greetings all. Reading prior posts the thought comes to me that it would be interesting to start a thread concerning what you, or your family's, earliest sewing memories might be. Memories from the late 1930's of my maternal grandmother, relayed to me from my mother, are that grandmother would buy cloth to make bed linens from the "rag" man who made his rounds selling cloth out of his car. Using her beloved Singer treadle machine, she would make sheets and pillow cases from the cloth and then embroider the tops of them using fine crochet cotton thread. Too poor to purchase or even make a covering bedspread, the embroidered linens did double duty as sheets and bedspread. They would be turned down at the top of the bed to show the intricate designs added to the edges. Pillow cases would be made also and have the same embroidered designs. Window coverings would be made out of the thin white cloth using the same designs for a coordinated look. The Depression era that spanned 1929 to 1941 may have been extraordinary trying times for women and their families. My grandmother, and women of this era in general, must have thought it important to decorate linens in this way despite the time-consuming cleaning, cooking, and many sewing chores of their day. This charming 'sewing' memory passed down from my mother to me is one I will pass onto my own family. Do you have a 'sewing memory' to share?

Cheryl Ellex
Sewing Editor