THe first interesting topic in this forum! Hehehe...

I've been using a technique for prosperity that is quite different. It's an altar. I've made a prosperity altar using the ancient Indian science to 'space creation'. Actually, it's called 'vastu shastra' and it outdates Feng Shui, although similar.

I've been reading a great book on this...actually two. One is focused on altars and one is more comprehensive, though altars are discussed as well. Here you can find them both if you're interested:

Here's a small excerpt from The Way of Vastu:

"We want to attain the lifestyle we've longed for. To achieve this, to create true prosperity, we must connect to the Source of All That Is. This is different from simply reaping sucess in a worldly sense -- we've all seen weatlhy, powerful people whose lives are devoid of personal and spiritual satisfaction. Such people may possess the trappings of what our culture calls success, but if they have not developed a relationship with the part of themselves that bestows prosperity in its truest sense, they experience deep inner poverty. We can attain a life of profound abundance by nurturing our partnership with the dynamic energy of the universe. This powerful energy fully supports us whenever we align ourselves with our true purpose and with the Eternal Presence that pemeates our lives: The Source of All.

The Way of Vastu is rooted in the teachings of the Vedas. Vastu gives you the ability to create all you desire by aligning yourself with the forces of nature, according to the wisdom of sages, in order to gain her support. Aligned with nature in this way, you reduce stress in your environment and in your body. You naturally begin to feel much more contented. Your life comes into perfect balance. When you are contented and in balance, quite effortlessly you begin to experience the source of all prosperity and fulfillment."

--- I really love the book. It's full of great knowledge about environment AND mind power/gratitude...environmental attitude. It's beautiful actually...though not as gorgeous as the 'Altars' book, which I got two copies of so I could cut one up and make a prosperity collage out of! I love having reminders in my environment...really helps me.

The altars are beautiful. I've created a prosperity/abundance altar...which is draped in beautiful green fabric, has Ganesha for 'removing obstacles', jade for abundance, etc. The book also gives yantras, mantras and activation ceremonies for the altar.

The Vedas are Hindu, but, it's all about nature, intention and I have a fascination with India and the Gods and Goddesses of that realm.

I've found the altar a great way to align with my intentions on a daily basis. It's a wonderful reminder of my intentions, my will and my birthrite!

Thought I would share. <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />