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Storing Sterling Silver Jewelry How To Guide

Storing your Sterling Silver Jewelry in the proper place is indeed just as important as cleaning your Sterling Silver items. Choosing were you store your heirlooms could make the difference between a vive rant shine or an extremely tarnished piece.

Below are a few steps you should take to insure quality and value of you Sterling Silver Jewelry and Gifts.

#1 � Store your Sterling Silver Jewelry in dry climate controlled environments, be sure that you consider lighting when storing. Sterling Silver items should be kept in a dark area believe or not direct sunlight can cause forms of oxidation. Avoid those damp, humid hiding places that may quickly cause tarnishing.

Warning: Never store items directly on any wood surface because wood finish may contain damaging toxins that will dull and mark finish.

#2 � After you find a great location for Storage of your Sterling Silver items place them in an airtight bag for protection like a plastic bag made of Mylar or Polyethylene or even consider a tarnish proof cloth.

Warning: never store your sterling silver in polyvinyl bags. These types of plastic bags may contain compounds that can tarnish silver.

#3 � Storing when not wearing Sterling Silver Jewelry / Items can preserve the luster and shine longer with minimum cleaning needed.

#4 � Another consideration when Storing your Sterling Silver and to make sure that items are NOT stored directly with other items. They may rub together causing a scratched finish. The safest way is to store items separately from any other piece of jewelry.

Just by taking these simple yet affective steps for Storing Sterling Silver you can have much more enjoyment with minimum cleaning needed as well preserve those beautiful valuables for generations to come.