I know there is a lot of concern over this appointment and Roe V. Wade. I personally don't think that they are going to overturn it.

60% of the country is in favor of abortion during the first trimester (number varies by poll, but is well over 50%). If Roe was overtunred on a Republicans watch they would be handing the next election to the Democrats. Abortion is a much more powerful weapon with Roe in place, they can leverage that for eternity with the "red" states. If it's gone, they will not only have 60% of the country livid about civil liberties and privacy being stomped on, but they would mobilize the highly coveted moderates and maybe even people who are not voting right now.

So, that's what allows me to sleep at night... how about you all? <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />