SotoSoundz - The Slightly Wicked West � The desert rocks!!!

Hola! The fabled Arizona combo rides into town with their new album in their holsters. Cinemascope, peyote guitars haunt the desert landscape and echo through the canyons of your dreams.

Karen Sotomayor: vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion
E.J.Trbovic: drums

Between The Eyes
Chicago's Girl
Sorry Not Your Kind
Cat Prowl
Freedom Ride
What You'll Never Know
Just A Man
All You People
At Your Backdoor

Sound clips:

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"The Slightly Wicked West" is a great release. Love the
production on it, really I was quite pleased! Great job on this release. Ron Burd, Music Director, CIUT-FM Radio Toronto

The Slightly Wicked West, Receives 5 Stars at MSN Music!!!


A great record...doesn't sound like anything else!

Sounds great!

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