If you are planning to travel to Argentina, I could tell you that Arples manages everything concerning doctors and clinical institutions, and consultation dates for the accomplishment of the treatment you selected. During this time in Argentina, our company provides with a bilingual assistant, hotel and/or transfers.
The actual cost of medical care and travel to Argentina became very affordable for ordinary people in the US and Europe, while the level of care remained world class.
We only work with high level doctors with vast experience who usually are University professors, as well as remarkable and serious institutions.
Nose Surgery: 1828 U$S
Tummy Tuck: 2709 U$S
Breast Augmentation: 2033 U$S
Body contouring, hips and liposuction: 2123 U$S
Breast reduction surgery: 2412 U$S
Hair Microtransplants: 1660 U$S
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