Hi ladies! You are probably wondering what this is! That is why you clicked on it.... You are wondering why this lady wants to know what is under my sink! Well, go take a look! I can imagine what you have under there! Probably cleaners, cleaners, and more cleaners! There are cleaners for every place in the house. Bathroom cleaners, toilet cleaners, tile cleaners, glass cleaner, antibacterial cleaners, multi surface cleaners, dish soap, dishwasher detergent, and the list goes on. Imagine how much money you have wrapped up in just cleaners! Probably up to $50, in just cleaners! Okay... now go look in your shower. Yes, go look! What do you use to cleanse your face with every day? How much money did you spend on that?
Do you want to know what my point is?
Look in the mirror, look at your skin. You have to live with what you are looking at for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! You only get ONE chance... you get what your born with... no starting over.... Don't you think it's about time to start taking care of that skin! I do!!!!

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Laura Brasier
Independent Beauty Consultant

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