Hi All..

First.. I want to thank all of you who have patiently visited this forum, waiting on 'something' to happen! Hopefully, the time has arrived..

My name is Rick, and I am the new Shareware & Freeware editor. When you see 'Rick_Shareware', you'll know I'm in the neighborhood!

I hope some of you have favorite freeware/shareware programs that you are ready to share with others. Let me know what you have found useful/entertaining and I will check it out.. I promise.

If you are new to the forum, and not quite ready to " go public " you can click on my user name and send me a personal message. That's a great way for newbies to become a part of the forum. And, if you decide to post, don't worry about your 'skill' or 'knowledge' level, we've all been exactly where you are now..

Remember to, that there is no such thing as a 'dumb' question in this forum!

One of my primary purposes within this forum is to facilitate a smooth and friendly exchange of ideas, while giving everyone the chance to express themselves to their fullest.

So... Lets post!