As the new NASCAR editor, one of the things I would like to do is teach readers some NASCAR jargon. This week's phrase is: Silly Season -- Silly season is what we call that time of the year when drivers and crew members are hired and fired or move from team to team while the season is still going strong. This can lead to teams not working well together for the rest of the current season.

This year�s silly season has already started with the announcement a few weeks ago of Ganassi/Sebastas driver Jamie McMurray of the #42 Texaco/Havaline team leaving the organization to drive the #6 for Rousch Racing in 2007. This is fueling speculation about who will drive the #6 in 2006 as Mark Martin is busily conducting his retirement season, this year. Last week Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sebatas announced that they have picked up the option on McMurray�s 2006 contract. Jamie is currently just outside the point chase and fighting tooth and nail to get in. He just barely missed it last year and doesn�t want to go through that again. Is this a distraction he can afford right now? Will Jack Rousch buy out McMurray�s �06 contract? Or will Jamie be "lame ducking" for the #42 team again next year? And is Jamie still dating Rusty Wallace�s daughter?

More silly season: Michael Waltrip has already announced his parting of the ways with Dale Earnhart Inc. and the #15 team at the end of this season. Can this be good for the sponsors, who are the life-blood of the sport? In my opinion nothing beats the commercials he and Dale, Jr. do for NAPA and Domino�s Pizza. He will not be taking the Eurys� with him, which is also unfortunate for him. Good luck, Mickey! Some of us still pull for the underdog.

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