hi everyone! I haven't visited this section of the board too much, but have looked at all the good advice everyone gives. I could use a little advice myself today as well. It's not anything too big, but I'm having some "move in" issues with my boyfriend. They're actually pretty simple really. We both have different ideas of how to decorate the apartment when we move. He is extremely minimalist and I like things modern, but still warm and inviting.

So, there are some things that we're changing and I'm going to suggest getting some new things for around the house. One of the lines I've mentioned before and think might suit both of us is the Ty Style line. It's simple yet still has good colors and modern designs. I think my bf would like it actually.

Has anyone else had this "decorating" discussion? What types of things did you end up purchasing. And do you think the Style line would be something that would work for us? Thanks! I appreciate the advice!!

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