I've talked about my boyfriend, Bob in this forum many times. He was over 300 pounds last June when we began the low carb system. At the time he was afraid to exercise because of the harm his knees were seeing. Even our bikes were off limits. So to begin with we just ate more healthy. In a few months he lost enough weight that he could start using the bike, going for long walks, and getting his metabolism going.

Bob stalled for a while recently, but in the past week he's losing again. It's just over a year now, and from a high of around 305, he is now down to 218 as of today. He's got so much more energy that it's now easy to go biking or hitting balls or walking. He has the energy, and his knees and muscles can take the strain of it. He is SO psyched, he has a band gig coming up on Sunday with friends he hasn't seen in a year. They'll be quite surprised!

For anyone who is feeling down in the dumps about their weight, I have to say, give this a try. Don't go for the esoteric foods and such. Just drink lots of water. Take your vitamins. Go for walks - even short walks. And eat lots of veggies, fish, and fresh chicken. It'll do wonders for your health - really.

We're waiting for Bob to cross below 213 - at that point he becomes officially just "overweight" and not obese!

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
Low Carb Forum