I actually wrote this review a few months ago but I'm making them again today and they are SOOO good that I thought I'd post it here. Also with some people being sensitive to maltitol, this is another food that has both splenda and maltitol in it (a very common combination). Nobody I've tested these on has ANY trouble with them. Can some of you maltitol sensitive folks give them a try?


Atkins Quick Quisine Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins

Do you like chocolate chocolate chip muffins? Give the Atkins bread and muffin mix a try - it's super easy to make and they are rather tasty!

You get 8 muffins from the mix, at 6g carbs per muffin. While this isn't good for induction, if you're on normal lifetime low carb eating, you're probably up around 70g or 80g a day. A 6g muffin is a perfect breakfast snack or even a dessert!

We definitely found they tasted differently than a flour based muffin. There was a bit of a dusty flavor to the muffins. But the texture was GREAT, very light and fluffy, and the chocolate flavor was rich. The chocolate chips, as we've found with just about every chocolate product we've tried from Atkins, was perfectly chocolatey and melty.

We brought these into work and had a number of people try them, from low carb dieters to low fat dieters to people not watching their weight. They were really enjoyed by everybody who tried one.

These are bulked with maltitol (a sugar alcohol) and sweetened with Splenda. This is a typical combination in baked goods, since real sugar is "bulky" while Splenda is not. You need both the sugar alcohol and the Splenda to come out with the right flavor combination.

Well recommended for a wide variety of situations. Try one with whole milk, or with a cup of decaf coffee. Chocolate goes well with cabernet wine, too!

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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