GoBees, it is really amazing how much stress and outlook have a direct impact on your health. There are a lot of sites at BellaOnline that involve "general wellbeing" such as fragrance and meditation and inspiration and so on. I read a lot of those sites during the day. I admit that at first I would think, "how can fragrance help? I have work to do! Things to get done!" but finally I gave in and gave it a try. And you know, it really DOES make a difference to have quiet music playing in the background, a pleasant vanilla scent wafting from a candle and a non-cluttered desk. It just makes everything seem much "easier" somehow. And if something stressful comes up, instead of panicking and thinking "Oh no! Now what!" I sort of think, "OK, I can deal with this."

So as much as I am normally a Person with a Goal <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> I really do understand now that it's important to make relaxing things a normal part of my life. Life is always going to send stress at you, it's what life does. So we as people have to assume we'll get stress and arrange our world to be ready for it. We need to schedule in down time in essence, to give our body enough rest and relaxation for it to perform well during the times we do encounter stress.

I really find that for me, eating regularly helps. I used to have HUGE sugar highs and lows from my diet and this would make me either cranky or tired or both <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Now that I eat regular meals and snacks, drink water regularly, things just seem more even keel.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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