I have been absolutely hooked on the Osprey video cam from Long Island, NY. Today, the happy couple, named Dennis and Betty, were especially busy, as they near the time for egg-laying, only days away.
I spent some time this evening going through the 2003 archived video clips from the Osprey cam site and reading the observations made there last year. There is some amazing and hilarious footage to be seen (links posted below) and some exciting, heart-stopping and delightful *journaling*, as well. All of it is wonderful but you'll need time. Some of the shorter clips are worth a glance, though, even if you are not able to spend a lot of time. Especially worth watching are the sections called "First Day", "Unusual Behaviour (this one is a hoot!), "More Unusual Behaviour", and "Purely An Accident".

Here are the observation commentaries from last season and answers to some frequently asked questions:
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