I was asked over at my body art party which Renaissance Faires I go to. It seemed a better topic for this forum, so I've broken it off to be an independant thread.

I have a good friend who is part of the Cardiff Rose, a "ship" of pirates who teach fencing at fair here. My buddy is the boswain's mate, and is a big-hearted scoundrel to boot. For the last two years, I have visited them at the Heart of the Forest Fair, held in mid summer in Novato, CA, just north of San Francisco.

This year we are also going to go to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, held in the south part of the Bay Area. That one runs in the early fall, starting just after Labor Day.

About three or four years ago, I finally got period clothing to wear, although as a tourist, I do admittedly break the proper color regulations, and wear lordly colors despite dressing in the style of a peasant. My outfit does go really well with my body art, LOL!

- Rae