Dear forum members,

My name is Wendy, 29 and I live in Holland. I collect postcards from all over the world showing all the beauty of Mother Earth: scenery, nature, cities, buildings, tourist spots, culture, people and maps.

In the near future, I want to make my own website where I will show part of this collection. It will be a site of peace where the postcards stands for all the people, countries and culture of this world united. So it would be great to see your country, area, city or village there as well...

Every postcard (from your country, travels, or other places anywhere) is very very welcome!! Any kind of help is very welcome and I appreciate it very much!!

MANY MANY THANKS in advance and wishing you all joy, love and peace!!!!!!

Friendly greetings from

My postal address:
Wendy Blondeel
Mgr. de Backerestraat 30
4529 GS Eede