The Work & Family Forum at BellaOnline is meant to be a great venue for people to exchange ideas related to work and family. That's a pretty broad category, so you are welcome and, in fact, encouraged, to post just about anything that comes under that umbrella.

However, to make the experience pleasant for everyone, we do have a few rules. Anyone not following these rules will have their posting removed immediately.

1. No hate topics of any kind.
2. No advertising of get-rich-quick schemes or chain letters. If you have a valid tip to pass on about ways people can balance home and work, please do post it... that's what this forum is all about. That could include valid work/career ideas and opportunities. But it does not include chain letters and other dubious schemes.
3. No pornography.

I may add more rules in the future as needed. Hopefully these will suffice though... I really want this forum to be open and welcoming of all home and family ideas.

Thanks for understanding,