Today I bought the New Duch bible translation.
This bible translation is written in the Duch language
which is spoken today in the Netherlands and Flemish Belgium. This bible is for both Protestants and Catholics. My background is Catholic.
I already had a protestant bible and a Catholic bible.
Today I read "The gospel according to Mathew" the first
part of the new testamony, and I have to say that it is more readable than the old Protestant and Catholic versions, because it is both written both in a literay form and in the just historical (Christian) perspective.
There was a lot of criticizm on it by writers, poets, politicians and ordinary people who loved the poetry and the content of the old versions.
The Duch language is heavily influenced by the language of the bible. The Calvinist version of the 17th century.
Singing of Psalms, Choir music, church lithurgy, literature, poetry and the expressions used by citizens
in everyday life. Lots of words, names and even sentances come form the bible.
From a Polish-American niece I saw that some American Catholics are biblical-Catholics.
In the past Catholics did not read the bible, they got the
Gospel via prietst. Protestants with their personal faith, and without the Church hierarchy were much more bible focused since the beginning of the Reformation
(in the 16th century).
I wonder if this new, Modern bible will have influence in Secular Holland, because many Humanist, Agnostic and even Atheist people regard the bible as an important literary book. They read it as interested readers for historic and cultural reasons, not as believers.