Greetz Metalheadz!

I'm writing this to you because a german Hard Rock Fan needs the help of all the Metal Fans all over the world and I hope you will help me or better to say my favourite Hard Rock Band named BONFIRE!

Saturday in a week there will be the ECHO AWARDS in Germany, the second most important music price all over the world and my band BONFIRE is in the category "Best Homepage" nominated with some other poserbands from Germany which are very slimy and don't make real music with real musicians like BONFIRE!

So I hope you will help me with your vote and it only lasts a little moment because you should go to this linked page and in the right upper Corner there is the vote and I hope you vote for "" to support the ONLY HARD ROCK BAND which is nominated in all categories!
If you do so, a new window pops up and you only have to put your E-Mail address in the left field and the code (4 letters next to the E-Mail-Box) in the right field and click on "Abstimmen"!
Then you will get an E-Mail from in which you only have to click on the link and your vote will be counted for BONFIRE!

I would be very pleased if you would help me and my favourite band BONFIRE to win this ECHO AWARD because we will show Germany that Hard Rock is not dead but still alive and I hope you will help me with your vote to show the whole world that Hard Rock is still alive – Thanks a lot!

The best Metal wishes and greetz from Germany

Zikko "Just one of the worldwhide Metal Community"