We are winding down on the 2002 30 Year Anniversary Tribute to Tanya Tucker and would like to ask you a question. Is there anything you all can do to help us get the word out about this "last call" for folks to participate in this tribute effort?

Since this tribute effort began in July, thousands of fans and friends of Tanya have been emailing tribute messages through the Tanya Tucker Tribute website. These emailed messages will be placed into a Tribute to Tanya Tucker Book which will be given to Tanya for Christmas.

The deadline for sending tribute messages for placement into the the Tribute Book is December 15th. We are also asking folks to send their Holiday Greetings to Tanya through this tribute website for placement in the tribute book as she'll be recieving this book as a Christmas gift.

Please see the tribute website where you can read nearly 100 examples of the awesome tribute messages sent in from around the world. (From 5 countries) We hope you may be able to help us in any way you can!!

Rick Morris