High Sprit

Here I was in love and the head over heels unable to see the cruel twisted game you were making of me. What was real to me was entertaining to you. I thought so much of you even after noticing your many flaws I still wanted to stick by you cause of devotion loyalty and most of love. Tired of the little game you left me to rot while you happily moved on as none of this was real to you not like I thought.
I sat like a scared little boy lost in sea of despair and tears. I had lost had lost you I had seen my worst fear. Just when I was down and out about succumb to anguish and self-doubt. Like a brilliant jolt something quickly swelled within me something to bring the fight back in me. My heart sprit were once again strong I began to realize you were worth hardly nothing if anything at all. Your cruel manipulation sent me for quite the fall but it is now over forever gone. It is because of my inner strength that can press on high hopes beseech me once again with a Thunderous booming Call I now stand ready to face the brand new day preparing myself for what ever or whomever is to come my way. Next time my heart falls in love I hope it is with the one who won�t needlessly shoot it around in circles like some hockey puck. No point in worrying now, as my heart and soul are free from all the last lingering feelings of my love of thee. I will cross the bridge of love when I come to it again and use my lessons to benefit my new potential one and only. But till then I shall remain free looking for the best in every day I am fortunate enough to wake up and see.

Written By Mark James Fortune

If there's one thing I learned its thatlife can end instantly how do you know if you made the right choices how do you know where you are going to end up who is going to be waiting you don't know for sure but live life to the fullest and not just for yourself face your problems head on don't take the cowards way out for if you do that your not only hurting yourself but those who you may or may not realize love you despite flaws or views on life

A new favorite line from WAITS TRUE LOVE not mine but damn good <img src="/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" /> He kisses her deeply, melding their souls with the power of his passion. http://Writing.Com/authors/myselfandi