Alexandria's perfume quells my heart
The union of an unlit heart
My thoughts uneven by the way
The memory of another day

Apple-bloom, shining-appled
Honey-blossom, rainbow-dappled
Red-russet is the sea
Bees scramble with glee

Beauty's realm covets night
Star-lashed silver-spilt night
Golden-breath soil-tipped
A heart so ripped

Fired by dune
Rotted by swoon
My Love's beauty is fire-strung
Apple-scoops, ruby hoops dune-sung

Moon drapes an arch beauty
Emerald pools shimmer duty
Your sweetness is a dewy drape
Your sweet poison is the grape

Spliting sun sears my mind
Your harsh words not too unkind
The memory of another day
When I was young, when I was gay