The daimonic is the urge in every human being to affirm itself, assert itself, perpetuate and increase itself....(the reverse side) of the same affirmation is what empowers our creativity, our inspiration. Ron Price with thanks to Rollo May, Power and Innocence, Sonnybrook Publishers, Dallas, 1986, p.13.

‘Tis an awe and wonder just to be alive;
this is a certain power, being’s enough to thrive.
Such an intense consciousness with ascetic trends:
love here is meaning, ontological as it mends.
And so we become ourselves with joy as we
throw ourselves in deep with commitment,
dedication where everywhere we meet.
But there’s a complexity of situation
that understanding needs to challenge
serpent wisdom and spirituality:
it draws out both the worst and best
can flatten out the heart
leaving one quite ready for
the Call beyond to part.
Bitterness and violence are also born
in this place for it’s the matrix
of our soul, the story on the face.

Ron Price
4 July 1995

married for 45 years, a teacher for 35, a Baha'i for 53 and a writer and editor for 13(in 2012)