What do you enjoy most about summertime?
Please add your favorites to the list!

Fresh berries on ice cream
Butterflies fluttering freely
A cold lemonade on an old porch swing
Napping in a hammock with a pleasant breeze
Forth of July fireworks extravaganza!
Art fairs and music festivals in the streets
Kids with cotton candy
Drive-in movies
Flea markets
Sidewalk musicians
Frogs and fireflies
Sand castles and seashells
Ducks and ducklings gliding across a pond
S'mores on summer night by a campfire
Fresh vegetables
Eating out on a patio or deck
Outdoor weddings
The colorful splendor of gardeners' artistry
The smell of summer bouquets
Old fashioned picnics in the park
Watching clouds and sailboats float by
Sandals and sunglasses
Coconut scented suntan lotion and beach towels
Gone fishin'
Boat rides
The smell of a backyard BBQ
Cheerful daisy faces
Sweet smell of roses
A frosty can of pop on a hot afternoon
Feet up with the birds singing,
reading a good book outside on a lounge chair,
by the pool, at the beach, or on a balcony
Sun sparkling on water
The sound of waves lapping on the shore
Splashing your feet in the cool water while sitting on a dock
Cool grass or warm sand under bare feet
A cleansing, warm, summer rain

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