What special things do you do to let your Dad know how much you care? :love:

Ideas from my article
Celebrating Father's Day :

Buy a blank greeting card (or he might get a kick out of it if you give him a home-made one, like you did for him as a kid) and write a simple message (in crayon maybe-)of love and appreciation. You could also add a list of times he's helped you out in the last year or two to let him know you remember how many that's been...

Add a handwritten list of the top 10 (or whatever number you like)
warmest memories you have of him.

Ask him to go "test drive" some of the new cars on the market with you (let him do the driving.)

Probably not a good idea to clean out "his garage," you're likely to do more harm than good if he can't find anything afterwards.

If he's the kind of guy who pushes himself too hard, schedule him for a
day at a spa and offer to play chauffeur that day so he can tell you all about
it, (and so you'll know he'll actually gets there.) Or, if that's not going to
happen, how about arranging a care package with a gift certificate for lawn-mowing service, oil changes, or car washes.

Make plans to treat him to a long lunch during the week when you don't usually get to see each other.

If he's a fisherman, a bowler, or a golfer, ask to go along with him sometime soon- Once you get the date set, remember, the important thing is the time it gives you both to catch up and maybe share a laugh or two.