Hello everyone,

I 'm making a website about vegetarianism, veganism and animal rights.
With my page i want to give some basic information. Some point articles and a linkbank to other websites. I want to show the reasons why people become vegetarian and vegan. For giving an idea how the page will look like you can go to Minoesj : The Vegetarian Voice
Animal Slaughter. Abuse and Cruelty
This is a free host so there is a lot of advertising (banners and pop-ups) on. But as soon as my permanent page will be finished i will put it on a advertising free host.

I would also like to make a page about religion and vegetarianism. But i am still searching for good articles and links about this subject.
If you can help me with this please email me at [email]vegetarianism@pandora.be<br[/email] />
I am also still looking for sites (and pictures, videos) which show the cruelty done to animals in the meat industry.

And of course recipes and health articles will be welcome.

I am also making a vegetarian directory. So if you have a page or know other sites then let me know.
Please give a description and make a category that you think serves it best.

Please send everything to [email]vegetarianism@pandora.be<br[/email] />
Thank you very much.