My neighbor, Roberta, has been teaching Becca math and english/reading for the past three years. When Becca turned 5 last July, I enrolled her in the Home Link program through the School District. They supplement your homeschool efforts. Its pretty neat. Roberta still teaches math and english. This next year (starting July) I'll be teaching Becca the Social Studies and Science courses, along with Health, etc.

So, this is the first year that I will actually be taking on part of the teaching role. I'm terrible at Math and English, so I will leave that to Roberta. My forte is Social Studies/History and I will be able to handle Science, probably up to around Biology. After that...someone else will have to take over.

It's been alot fun having Becca home all the time and knowing what she's being taught. I've finished setting up the curriculum for SS and Science (2002-03) and have written up the lesson plan for all of the subjects (Homelinke requires that part). Luckily my education degree has come in handy to writing up a lesson plan was not too fact, kind of fun.

Anyway...glad you're having fun with your kids. This Summer we are working on Occupations and taking field trips every Friday corresponding to the occupations. In September, I'll start with basic U.S History and the Science courses. This will definately be interesting to see how Becca responds to mom, the teacher.