Dear Angie,

While I do not find myself at Starbucks that often, I do know that they do sell tea. Starbucks did "buy out" all of Those Tevanna shops and that is what is currently on the menus! They carry Tevanna full leaf. They carry many hot & Iced teas


Royal English Breakfast tea
Earl Grey
London Fog Latte
Royal English Breakfast tea Latte
Chai Tea
Chai Tea Latte


Black Iced tea
Black Iced Lemonade Tea

Tevana in the bottle (unsweetened peach nectarine green tea & Mango Black Tea)

Green teas

Matcha tea Latte
Emperors Clouds & Mist
Honey Citrus Mint
Jade Citrus Mint

**All of these can also be made as cold drinks!


Mint majesty
Peach tranquility

Perhaps I need to go head over to my nearest Starbucks their menu sounds great!

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor
Tea Forum