Hello there,

Happy, safe, busy and healthy 2022 to you all!

I haven't been around for a while and for this I apologise ... no excuses, just some explanations which are not likely to be very interesting anyway.

Well, the New Year has started and with a bang I think ... no whimpers here. Already time is flying past with no regard to those 'To Do' lists that just refuse to become 'To Done' lists. Now I wonder why? I guess Planning and Focus could be to blame but they too ignore my pleas. Well, little do they know that I have Intention and Watch me on my side so let's see who will win. Quite frankly I am hoping to get them all to play nicely together. Okay. So.

Help please. What would you like to hear about or read about or do with your containers that I could offer another perspective on? Trying to keep tabs on the weather around the world has been tricky to date but any suggestions you have for subjects of interest would be a good news start.

Just to get things going I will ask the question IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE A FAVOURITE FLOWER?

I say we should go for the top 3, which is still an impossible task since all are so pretty etc. but at least having 3 only on the list for this quarter (i.e. January to March) it will make us think.

Okay, I say Roses, Agapanthus and Irises.

Cheers now - please join in, you will help a lot if you do!

Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

Contain your Delight - it's easy!