Have you had a look at your container gardening space recently? I mean the area you ‘store your pots’ as they say. Describe it to yourself now.

It’s this big, this shape. The floor is paved/cement etc, the north/south side is open and looks over the city/a park. I have 3/6/10 containers of mixed plant types. The pots are various designs and sizes and types. The flowers/plants are over-wintering now/looking good/in full bloom. Okay, you see what I mean. Carry on soldier.

Now, what can you do to ring the changes for the new year? Are there improvements to be made? Plants to replace? New ones to try? Might changing the colour of the walls make a difference? Wall cladding? Growing a creeper? Can you add other features like a trellis or rocks or varying sizes and colours of pebbles? Garden art? Mosaic? An umbrella?

Stand back in your mind now. Smile. Start planning!

Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

Contain your Delight - it's easy!