When last did you check your tools? Yes, I know, I have a friend who says ‘but you just put things in pots, what do you need garden tools for?’ Got to feel sorry for a person like this who doesn’t know one end of a plant from the other!

Your best tools of course are your hands.

I have several pairs of gloves to suit different jobs and have gathered these from listening, learning and looking. Doing too. I have some throw-away latex gloves for when I am painting or cleaning or using chemicals (for any reason) or to protect fingers from sap or plant juices which are yucky or could be poisonous. I throw these way after I have used them once.

I have some every day gloves that have stretchy tops, and green reinforced fingers. I use these when I am digging or maybe planting or just doing general work. I have some leather ones (took a while to ‘break’ them in), but now they are so comfortable they’re my favourites. Lastly I have some elbow length gloves which I use when I am pruning roses and bougainvillea and other thorny customers. They are hardly used, but they do protect even if they get in the way.

I hope you find this chatter helpful. Bare fingers in the soil? Of course, there is nothing quite like it and anyway, you can’t tell if you need to water with gloves on!

Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

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