Well now. I wonder if this constitutes a real container gardening tip ... one around Tillandsia or Air Plants? Let's vote. Okay the yesses win!

I saw this in a magazine some time ago. On a shielded balcony, this person had hung, at differing heights/lengths, a variety of these air plants which now and then moved a little in the breeze. It looked charming and balanced the space, drawing the eyes upwards and then back down to the magnificent display of daisies below. I think there are as many ideas on how to display these plants as there are gardeners times ten. Except of course trying to grow them in soil. They don't do this.

Tillandsia are clever. They have adapted their root systems to allow them to anchor themselves onto other plants (trees, branches, logs) and other rough surfaces and they are epiphytes – meaning they absorb their nutrients through their leaves instead of through their roots. It is through the trichomes – those fuzzy white hair-like things - on their leaves that they take in nutrients from the air and water around them. Their flowers come in bright vibrant combinations of red, yellow, purple and pink but they look good even when they are not in bloom, besides, there are so many types we are spoilt for choice.

Looking after them seems easy enough - so maybe this could be an addition to your container gardening space you've not considered. Let me know if you want to find out more about these fascinating plants.

Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

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