Did you know that plants enjoy the energy that some music produces, and that music can help plants grow? Apparently the sound of music and its vibrations emulate similar sounds in nature that make plants respond positively.

Apparently too, a Australian university study established that they do not like being exposed to music more that one to three hours a day (?) and that classical music and melodious jazz seem to stimulate the plants best … makes sense that a gentle violet or and stately rose would be unlikely to respond well to heavy metal don’t you think?

Anyway, what happens is that some sounds can make the stomata of plants stay open longer. Stomata are the tiny pores that act like lungs on plants, and if these stay open longer, then the leaves take in more air and so grow faster and bloom more.

I have been playing music to my plants for years and I am convinced they love it! I don’t know why or for how long or for whatever reason, but I play them music and I talk to them. I tell them how pretty they are. Or I can tell them off if they are not performing well. Or I can apologise when I forget to water them. Or I just chatter.

Ah. What’s not to like about containers!

Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

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