Have you thought about propagating your own plants for your containers? Many people don’t because, well, it’s a container garden right? and all you need to do is go and buy what you like? Yes. I guess that’s fine, but once you get into gardening, you may like to spend some more time doing stuff besides watering (!) and propagate your own. Succulents and cacti are very easy to propagate, as are many other plants that will root in water. Besides, it doesn't matter what time of the year it is or why, something propagated and presented to a friend is such a nice thing to share.

If you would like specific instructions on how to do this for a favourite plant, let me know and I’ll see how I can help. Remember …

Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat; Please put a penny in the old man’s hat; If you haven’t got a penny, a ha’penny will do and if you haven’t got a ha’penny then God Bess You.

From your garden to another garden ...

P S It's a proven fact, days are deaf. Yep. They are deaf, they do not listen to me and they are undisciplined and disappear just when a person doesn't want them to. Ah well, this tip was supposed to be for yesterday, so today's will follow. Help!

Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

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