You have some edible flowers in your containers not so? I hope so, they’re so much fun to use, easy to grow and add colour and pizzazz to your life!

You should pick the flowers you want to use early in the morning so that their water content is at its highest and you can keep them fresh in a glass of water (in or outside the fridge). Put them in water, don’t expect them to last just lying on a plate.

Wash the flowers before eating (use only organically grown ones of course … no insecticides or chemical sprays etc.) and I do this by gently spritzing water over them in a large sieve or colander. Drain and dry the petals on an absorbent paper towel. Don’t put them in the sun to dry (!) because they will just wilt and go floppy. A floppy salad? No thanks. Smile now.

Pansies and Violas can be eaten whole but, as with other plants, it is better to remove the stamens and pistils. Only do this just before you add them to your dish or they will wilt too.

Nasturtium bedecked salad – oh so pretty!

Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

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