CONTAINER GARDENING TIP OF THE DAY (this one is for Saturday ... where do these days fly off to!?)

There are several ways to enhance your container soil, give it a new lease on life as it were, without having to replace it completely. Of course everything relies on the soil, so it would be wise to replace it at least every season (?) or when re-potting or up-sizing (?) or rearranging plants in established pots (?) The question marks? Depends on your garden and your circumstances…

Anyway, two things you can do easily to enhance your soil are: mix some cinnamon powder into the soil (especially for seedlings) but as a general action too. There are anti-fungal properties here that can kick in just when they need to.

The second is to crush eggshells very finely (I blend mine) and add this egg powder into the soil for a great calcium boost. Depends on the size of your pots, but around a tablespoon per pot will do every three months or so. Any plant will like it and only plants that need it will take it up, it would be harmless otherwise. You don’t have to do this, don’t feel driven by yet another chore for the container garden, just do it on an if-and-when basis.

P S Be careful if you are going to blend the dry eggshells, you will want to let the mixture settle down and even then be careful not to breathe it in (easy to do if you open the blender ‘carelessly’).

Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

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