Monika, Neowise hasn't been visible to the naked eye since the summer. But if you're seeing frolicking, you may actually be catching glimpses of Taurid meteors. Comets don't appear to move while you watch. Now meteors, in my experience, are so quick they're gone between someone's "Look!" and my eyeball moving. But I have seen Taurid meteors that move slowly.

Can the International Space Station and various satellites be seen from your house? If so, when and where should you look? What are the two bright stars you've seen around sunset time? The website Heavens-Above is a tool for beginners and experienced observers to identify what's in the sky. It includes interactive sky maps. Heavens-Above – website

Cosmic Pursuits is focused on North America and gives a monthly rundown on what's in the sky this month.

Mona Evans
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