Hi Korie,

I'm doing a LOT of knitting these days. I guess, finally, I can justify my substantial stash, eh? I literally could shelter-in-place and knit for months and not run out of yarn.Heck, even if I did manage to run out of yarn, I have my spinning wheel and plenty of fleece and fiber. I'm good. :)

Obviously, I'm trying hard to put a "good face" on things ... in reality, I'm high-risk due to age, and live with a spouse who is much higher risk due to age, diabetes, high blood pressure and other issues. We went into lock-down 10 days ago and have only left the house once (to fill a prescription) since then. My hubby is going stir-crazy. I told him I'd teach him to knit ... I don't think he was amused.

How about you?