It may seem that a general interest in sewing has dwindled what with the flood of inexpensive clothing available and many brick and mortar stores are no longer around and our busy lives leaving little time to sew should we want to. However Jo-Ann's, Hobby Lobby and Michaels remain as fixtures to carry on a physical presence for sewing supplies (Walmart tries to fill in with very limited items). Many how-to sewing related TV shows like Sewing with Nancy, It's Sew Easy TV, Fons & Porter's Quilting, Quilting Arts and Fit 2 Stitch (to name just a few) seem to have a wide audience as they are renewed year after year, sewing dedicated magazines like Threads, Sew News and Interweave (too many to list) continue with vast subscribers. The number of sewing related interests, blogs, content sites and more online is really enormous. Like any hobby, fine craft interest, cottage industry, or business what spurs our passion and desire to learn and perfect our chosen interest or career might appear to be of limited economic value and or waning resources to others but scratch the surface of the sewing community and a bright world appears! So glad you have posted your views. I believe many may have the same thoughts. Personally I regret the demise of Home Economics once taught in our schools, miss Hancock Fabrics (although sold to Michaels), the proliferation of "fast fashion" and how busy our day to day lives have become.

Cheryl Ellex
Sewing Editor