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...What works for me on a week-level is to have three months of calendars hanging immediately by my desk. I can look and see at a glance exactly everything that is coming up...

Isn't it funny that with all the technology at our disposal, it’s still so useful to have physical paper in our view. I use an old-fashioned 12-month ‘paper’ diary with a week-to-a-view and use it in the following way.

I only write on each day things that must get done on those days, such as meetings and urgent actions. If something is not essential for that day, it’s written on a sticker that I can move from week to week, or from month to month, and then throw in the bin once actioned.

The main advantage of a diary like that is that it gives me access to 12 months at a time, and allows me to flick to any day, week or month within a second or two.