While on a recent cruise, Dr. Gary Kovenar (sp?) gave several lectures on DNA and crime solving. The first part ss were technical about touch DNA and how just a small amount can be replicated to provide a specimen that can be tested. Later he dicussed the OJ Simpson case and the Jon Benet Ramsey cases. The last lecture had to do with being sure you want to be tested. I spoke to him briefly and told him I was a genealogist and he asked me if I was happy with the ethnicity discoveries. I told him I was fine with my results. As I thought about it later though I realized I didn't put that much emphasis on the ethnicity results; I'm more interested in connecting with people and proving the research. My ethnicity become apparent once you have your paper trail ironed out. Of course, you never know when you might have some surprises turn up. They can be overwhelming and/or helpful.